Shopify Buy Button: Why It Should Be Your Consideration In Monetizing Your Blog

Having a blog in this era is no longer fun, but a must-have. Whether you’re an artist, writer, a cartoonist or a photographer, you need a platform to showcase your work. The blog enables you to be at the top of other players in your niche. Also, it is an opportunity to create authority and a portfolio where potential clients can visit and view your works. At times, you may need to monetize your blog. For instance, you may like your customers to purchase the photos you display in your blog. For them to do this, they have to visit your photography store. However, only a few customers love to log in and out of a page. A large percentage of customers consider purchasing items on a site they are visiting. Shopify buy button enables you to realize this objective. This button turns your blog into a selling channel. Here is why it is a good blog monetization idea:

Allows you to embed your products on your blog

One of the challenges facing many bloggers is adding a product on their blogs. With a large percentage of bloggers with little to zero coding skills, performing these tasks becomes a major issue. You have to develop some HTML or CSS codes to add the products to your site. However, this should never be a challenge anymore. The Shopify Buy Button enables you to solve this problem without any hassles.  This button allows you to develop a product code card that you can embed on your blog. So, you do not need any coding knowledge to have the button on your site. The buy button enables your audience to buy your products right from your blog. This way, you enhance your income generation.

Enables you to customize your shopping carts

Having a shopping cart is a good idea for any online webpreneur. As a blogger, you need a cart where your audience can put the products they purchase before checking out. Shopify buy button comes with a customizable shopping cart. You can customize it for any customer interface. For instance, if your customers use their mobile device, you can match the cart with that device interface. The same case applies to ones using a PC. In this essence, the buy button enhances your blog monetization and allows you to drive more sales or earn an extra income.

In a word, the Shopify buy button is a good option for monetizing your blog. Consider it.  

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